PAGASA Philippines Lending Company, Inc. (PPLCI) is an institution providing microfinance services to low income people in the Philippines. PPLCI is a subsidiary of ASA International, one of the largest Microfinance Institution in the world that operates in the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Cambodia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.  It is a duly registered company with Securities and Exchange Commission holding SEC Registration No. CS200708977 approved on June 7, 2007 under its former name Catalyst Microfinance Investors Philippines, Inc. (CMIPI).

PPLCI seeks to pursue its mission in providing micro credit services to economically poor entrepreneur Filipinos and aims to empower them  by helping them access credit for their income generating activity, help increase family income that will improve their economic condition and become social investors in community development using the well-known ASA Methodology. It also aims to create employment for the community and/or locality supporting micro projects to the members and job placement in the company.

PPLCI envisioned serving more micro-entrepreneurs in the country by expanding its operation all throughout the country particularly in the countryside area and aim to reach millions of borrowers through the following company key strategies:

  • Efficient fund utilization and effective internal control;
  • External linkaging for resource or fund generation;
  • Cost effectiveness for sustainability and continuous staff development;
  • Experienced senior management in the field of microfinance;
  • Lean organizational structure and standardized product and services and scalability in the operation.